Commands Your Dog Should Know

One of the most important commands for any dog owner is the Stop command. You should teach this dog command early on in the training process. Teaching your dog, this command will give him confidence and also avoid many of the potential problems he could have with other dogs. When your dog stops jumping on people, for example, he can be praised rather than being scolded. He will learn to respect his human’s space.

Here have put together a handy list of eight useful commands for dog training, which you can easily teach to your pooch easily! It doesn’t matter whether your dog has a long leash or short leash, just start these easy and quick commands. These easy to do commands will make him far more obedient.

Stand-stay-fetch. You should teach your dog this simple command. You can then use this stand-stay-fetch while taking him outside, letting him chase after some birds or rabbits. He will soon begin to associate going outside to get a treat. When he is sitting, however, he needs to be encouraged to go sit still.

This command is similar to our sit-stay-fetch command. You should work with your pet to turn this into a fun game that both of you enjoy. This can also be used when petting your pet.

Play fetch. This is a great way to train your pup to sit on cue. Start out with treats in your hand, and while your pet is sitting on the ground, you should offer a treat and say “sit” in a firm voice. Your dog will naturally sit when calling.

Doggie Chow! This is another very important command for dog owners to teach their pups. This is particularly useful when training your dog off-leash. Dogs are naturally herd animals and will often follow commands based on how close they are to an owner. You could use the same concept when training him to sit and keep him on all-fours. He will only learn to sit when he is near you and off-leash, once he starts going off-leash, he’ll forget that he was supposed to sit and you will no longer be able to give him the treat he wants.

Doggie Collar. You should start with teaching your pet to come when called by you, and then a collar can help with that. A collar will also remind your pup when he is off-leash and that he is expected to listen to you. A collar is a great way to reinforce the basic obedience commands like stay, come, and sit.

Doggy Treats. If your pet likes to eat, you should provide him or her with a variety of dog treats every time you call him over. You should reward your pet with the treats immediately after he or she completes the correct behavior. Rewards should be given every time he or she performs the command correctly. After your pet has learned the sit command, you can start training him or her to perform other basic commands. Remember to always praise your pet when he or she successfully completes the command.

Giving your dog treats as a reward is one way of reinforcing these commands. Always remember to put some crunchy veggies in small portions because dogs prefer small bites over bigger ones. These are just a few of the many commands for dogs that need to be taught as puppies. Dogs should also be trained on how to properly groom themselves and even were to sit or down on command.

Come command. The come command is probably one of the most important commands for your pet. It’s important to teach your puppy to come whenever you give the command and keep eye contact with your pet at all times.

Leash training. Leash training is very important for puppies because they have to learn how to follow their owner. Puppies need to know how to sit, stand, and walk to be obedient dogs. The leash is their best tool to teach them these commands. It helps teach them the sit, stand, and walk commands as well.