Food Aggression in Dogs

There are dogs that can be safely fed by their owners. Such dogs don’t mind people sitting beside them when they eat. Some children can even move the feeding bowl as the dog feeds in it. But there are dogs that stiff, growl, or even bite when someone comes close to them as the feed. These behaviors can be very dangerous to the family that owns the dog. Luckily, there are ways to relieve a dog’s food aggression to keep every person on him safe.

food aggression in dogs

Determining food aggression in dogs is not that difficult. It’s as easy as observing the dog’s behavior when he is near food. Dogs that are confirmed to be food aggressive are those who threats or does a harmful act on a person who gets near him while he feeds. Even the owner of the dog may be in danger in some cases. Some dogs are aggressive over any food given to them while some become one only when near a particular type of food such as human food. The level of aggression varies on how the dog reacts. It can be as low as stiffening when someone nears his food to as high as biting anyone who gets near his meal.

Usually, when a person tries to lay his hand on a feeding dog, the dog will first stiffen, especially its shoulders and neck. It will then lower his head and guard his food. The dog’s pupils will become dilated, and the eyes will be widened. The eyes may dart out if there are many “threats” around him but if there’s only one person near him, the dog’s eyes will most probably be fixed. The position of the dog’s tail varies based on its breed. Usually, however, it is also stiff most of the time and may either be positioned down or tucked upwards.

It is especially important that the owners have proper knowledge of food aggression in dogs. If this aggression is in their dog and is not addressed immediately, the dog’s condition may worsen, and it may progress into hurting more people he sees as “threats” to his meals. More often, the dog only becomes aggressive just to push the person or other animals away from his food. Therefore, the dog will just back away from the person and return to his food. If a dog owner tries improper approaches to his eating dog, its aggression may worsen, and it may become a threat even to the owner’s safety. Consider dog training classes in your city for support in managing this.